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Our Story

Once upon a time between Paris and London…

This story begins with the beautiful births of Livia in 2015 and Julia in 2018. Their mother, Caroline, a Parisian through and through, was inspired by the gift of her two young daughters and her undeniable passion for all things beautiful. Seeing a gap in the market, Caroline’s wish was to grow an authentic French brand from the ground up that offered something nobody else did, that was luxurious yet modern but most importantly; bespoke.

Caroline understood the importance of gifting and receiving. She realised the value of offering somebody something that was unique to them, that they would treasure for a lifetime. Finally, Caroline knew how to make this accessible to all, only a click away. Just like that, Maison Juli was born.

Listening to our customers and putting their needs at the heart of everything we do is what Maison Juli is all about. We are constantly adapting our collection, in order to produce the best personalised gifts for those special little ones who inspire us everyday. Delicacy, luxury, with a touch of modernity and a dash of Paris, these products are truly their own. Every order is prepared with care and love, because Maison Juli understands those special moments. Make these timeless gifts your own today.